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Come Spirit of Peace

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The World Council of Churches (WCC) is calling on Christians worldwide to join in prayer for just peace in the Holy Land by taking part in a Pentecost prayer service.

Tied directly to the churches’ celebrations of Pentecost, the service, entitled 'Come, Spirit of Peace: A Global Day of Prayer for Just Peace in the Holy Land,' is meant to invoke the Holy Spirit to inspire further engagement by Christians everywhere in the quest for peace and justice in the conflictive arena of Israel and Palestine.

Arranged at the invitation of heads of churches in the Jerusalem area, the service will take place the day after Pentecost (Monday, 5 June 2017) at 11am, Jerusalem time, in Jerusalem’s Upper Room (Cenacle) on Mount Zion. It will be followed by a session at the Dormition Abbey, where participants can share the various initiatives they are undertaking to build peace in the Holy Land.

Churches everywhere are invited to participate in the Jerusalem gathering on site or via the planned livestream of the service (at Churches can also organize their own service on that day or the day before. An order for common prayer has been prepared and is available in a variety of languages for use in local churches.
WCC general secretary Rev Dr Olav Fykse Tveit said: “We are calling on Christians everywhere to share in our witness to unity and to use this moment as a focus for prayers for peace in the Holy Land. Our vision is to make this moment of prayer truly participatory.”read more here
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