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Campaigners to lobby MPs for Calais' unaccompanied minors

Categories: Articles:Social Justice | Published: 16/10/2017 | Views: 686

A new ICN article reports that thousands of refugee children are at risk in Europe right now. It is estimated that there are more than 1,000 unaccompanied children in France, who are legally entitled to live in the UK.

There are many more in Greece and Italy. Campaigners are planning to hold a Safe Passage action by Parliament on Tuesday 24 October from 12noon to 1pm, on the day MPs debate the immigration aspect of Brexit. The day is also the first anniversary of the demolition of the 'Jungle' in Calais.

Lord Dubs has asked for help to implement the Dubs amendment (which was meant to allow 3,000 minors to come to the UK) and the Dublin agreement (allowing children with family in UK to come here) protected because all the entitled unaccompanied minors are not yet in Britain.
Lord Dubs and many different charities/organisations are worried that those unaccompanied minors who have a right to be in Britain will lose their immigration place, once Brexit has happened.
Safe Passage has been working in Calais, and other areas in France along with other charities, trying to protect the unaccompanied minors and keep them safe from people smugglers and people traffickers until their transportation to Britain has been re-initiated.
The action is to demonstrate to MPs there is solidarity and support to maintain Safe Passage for the unaccompanied minors - they are not to be forgotten.
Campaigners say: "Please spend your lunch hour on the 24th with others wanting to influence their MPs vote by their physical presence. The aim is for at least 300 people to physically show their support by attending the action."
They also appeal for supporters to lobby MPs - and if they are not able to come to meet them in person - to write to them before the 24th.
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