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World Day of Social Justice

Categories: Articles:Social Justice | Published: 20/02/2018 | Views: 755
20 February 2018

This special event to mark the observance of World Social Justice Day – 20 February 2018, under the theme: Workers on the move: the quest for social justice, will bring together concrete stories and testimonies about the challenges of social justice and labour migration and possible policy responses to address these challenges.

The story tellers include journalists, winners of the ILO global media competition on labour migration for highlighting the positive contribution of migrant workers to countries of origin, transit, and destination as well as the key aspects such as their fair recruitment.

The stories will be followed by an interactive exchange with policy makers, UN delegates negotiating the Global Compact on Migration, representatives of business, trade unions and civil society.

This event will contribute to the UN TOGETHER campaign  which has the purpose of encouraging global action in promoting non-discrimination and addressing the problem of rising xenophobia against refugees and migrants.

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