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The Forgotton War - Our Lives in South Sudan

Categories: Articles:Social Justice | Published: 21/02/2018 | Views: 920

On Monday 19th March 2018 in Edinburgh, members of the Church in South Sudan will share a little about what it is like for them to live in South Sudan.  You can register to attend this free event here.

The World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland is pleased to invite you to hear from our partners in South Sudan. South Sudan is the newest nation on earth, but sadly since December 2013 has been gripped in civil war. We hear very little about the war in South Sudan, after Syria and Afghanistan it has the most amount of displaced people. 4 million people, a third of the population, have fled war, famine and disease and millions more are facing starvation.

Please join us at Saint Andrew's and Saint George's West Church 13-17 George Street Edinburgh EH2 2PA to hear their stories. 

You can register for this talk here

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