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Fashion Revolution Week

Categories: Articles:Social Justice | Published: 30/04/2018 | Views: 685
This week is Fashion Revolution Week — a global campaign that calls for greater transparency in all fashion supply chains, from Primark and H&M to Marc Jacobs and Dior.  A 10 point fashion menifesto which you can add your name to will be handed into Parliament.

The campaign is now in its fifth year, a direct response to the Rana Plaza factory disaster that resulted in the death of 1,134 people in Bangladesh. The disaster exposed the costs of “fast fashion” — as fashion brands attempt to pump out massive amounts of new clothes for as cheap as possible, the pressure is put squarely on workers at the bottom of their supply chains. They labour in dangerous conditions for long hours and little pay.
However, with the help of public pressure and laws like the UK Modern Slavery Act, more companies are starting to publish their supplier lists. With transparency comes accountability.

That’s why Fashion Revolution is launching its 10-point manifesto for a “cleaner, safer, fashion industry” at parliament this week.  
Join the fashion revolution and sign up to the manefesto here.
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