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Ask Your MP to support Lord Dubs' amendment

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Safe Passage UK are asking everyone to take immediate action to contact their MP to support Lord Dubs’ amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill which will keep open safe and legal options for vulnerable young people alone in Europe to be reunited with their families in the UK.

Safe Passage UK need your help getting Dubs II through the House of Commons.

Email your MP easily here: support-dubs-2-amendment

Britain is leaving the EU next year, but in the process the Government could be closing a vital route to safety for child refugees arriving in Europe known as Dublin III.

We need your MP to support Lord Dubs' new amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill to make sure this route is kept open. Make sure your MP votes in favour of the Dubs amendment by writing to them ahead of the vote in the coming days. If we fail to secure this vital route, thousands of child refugees could be put at risk. We don't have long, so please email them below and share with your friends.

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