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Welcome to #Unlocked18!

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“As someone with direct experience of detention, I know the trauma of being deprived of your liberty, which is augmented by the lack of access to justice to come out of that situation. The indefinite nature of detention makes this much worse.”

#Unlocked18 is Unlocking Detention’s fifth ‘tour’ of the UK’s immigration detention estate, shining a spotlight on the hidden world of immigration detention. Maybe you are a repeat visitor, maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about Unlocking Detention.

Unlocking Detention’s ‘virtual tour’ uses Twitter, Facebook and blogs to ‘unlock’ the gates of immigration detention centres. Each week, we will be ‘visiting’ one of the detention centres in the UK, hearing from people who have been detained there, volunteer visitors, NGOs, campaigners and the families, friends, neighbours and communities over whom detention casts its long shadows.

Every year, behind the scenes, the ‘tour’ starts with mixed emotions. Seeing so many different things come together during the months of preparation is exciting: discussing themes, recruiting volunteers, choosing logos, contacting bloggers … It’s always a rewarding time of team work and creativity – and a lot of hard work, of course. On the other hand, we also have to ask ourselves the same question over and over: why on earth do we even have to do this again? Why do we still have immigration detention?

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