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Send an urgent message to your MEP to protect sugar cane farmers

Categories: Articles:Trade Justice (Fair Trade) | Published: 16/03/2015 | Views: 828

A change to European Union trade rules is going to push 200,000 people into poverty. Demand the EU act now to protect the livelihoods of vulnerable sugar farming communities in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific from their damaging decision.

You can find out how this change in the rules will affect sugar cane farmers by watching our film. Generations of sugar cane farmers and their families in African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries have come to depend on the UK and other European countries buying their sugar. Their access to our markets has been shielded by the EU capping the amount of sugar grown in Europe. However the EU has decided to get rid of this cap, and with it the safeguarding of sugar cane farmers’ livelihoods. This damaging decision is going to plunge hundreds of thousands of farmers - including 62,000 that are part of the Fairtrade system - and their families into poverty unless the EU acts fast. Please help stop the devastating impact of the EU's decision by messaging your Member of European Parliament (MEP) now.  TAKE ACTION HERE
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