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Please join the call for FIFA to elect a President committed to Fairtrade footballs

Categories: Articles:Trade Justice (Fair Trade) | Published: 19/02/2016 | Views: 767
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Fairtrade balls are made in the same factories and stitching centres as some of the best known global sports brands - and they're made to the same standards as FIFA use. Workers who are paid to make a Fairtrade football benefit from a fair wage, decent working conditions and from the extra Fairtrade Premium to support development projects for workers and their communities.

Fairtrade footballs can make a real difference for workers, their families and communities. It's essential that the fairness and respect shown by football governing bodies towards their players and fans in their equality policies is extended to the men and women who make the balls in developing countries. FIFA members choosing their new President should demand that candidates commit to support Fairtrade footballs and show that commitment by pledging that FIFA will allow FIFA certified balls to also carry Fairtrade certification.  More info and sign the petition here

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