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David Cameron is pushing to implement the free trade deal CETA without parliamentary consent.

Categories: Articles:Trade Justice (Fair Trade) | Published: 07/06/2016 | Views: 694
Ask your MSPs to take a stand against this attack on democracy.
CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is a trade pact between the EU and Canada. Like its more well-known brother TTIP (the US-EU pact), CETA will give big business sweeping new legal and political powers. It will give foreign corporations the power to sue governments in special ‘courts’ for actions which damage their profits. And it also threatens to lock in lower standards and weaken regulation.

Here in Scotland, CETA could threaten legislation on climate change, on tobacco and alcohol control, on public procurement, and much more. It could also threaten any future ban on fracking.
So you would expect it to be subject to a lot of scrutiny and debate in parliament. But that’s not what the UK government wants. Parliamentarians are starting to realise what’s going on and many of them are objecting. Some have tabled a motion in the Scottish parliament criticising the UK government.
Help us increase the volume here in Scotland. Email your MSPs now urging them to sign the Scottish parliament motion on CETA.   Find out more and take action here

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