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Daily Actions and Reflections for Lent

Categories: Justice & Peace Scotland Publications | Author: Frances | Posted: 28/02/2017 | Views: 1222

Looking for something to engage you and your parish over Lent?

Here are three excellent resources to guide you through Lent 2017.

Composed for the National Justice and Peace Network.  Anne O'Connor has again produced a leaflet of Daily Actions and Reflections based on the Scripture Readings for Lent. See the leaflet here
A series of reflections for each week in Lent. Each of the five sessions follows the same format: Gospel, case study from at home, case study from overseas, quotations from Laudato Si', with prayers and prompts for discussion throughout the sessions. See the weekly reflection guide here.
Columban missionaries in Australia have published Lenten reflections for Year A. 'The Grace of Earth', 'The Grace of Atmosphere', 'The Grace of Oceans', 'The Grace of Fresh Water', 'The Grace of Land', 'The Grace of Plant Life', 'The Grace of Animal Life'.  The Grace of Earth Lenten Reflections.
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