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World remembers murder of 6 Jesuits and 2 laywomen 25 years ago in El Salvador

Categories: Articles:Human Rights | Published: 18/11/2014 | Views: 1139
The world marked the 25th anniversary of the murder of 6 Jesuits and two laywomen in El Salvador on Sunday, one of the most chilling episodes in the unrest affecting Central America in the late 20th century.  In the early morning of November 16, 1989, a group of soldiers entered the Jesuit residence of the University of Central America, and dragged 5 priests out of their beds, and shot them in the back of their heads in a courtyard.  They then killed another Jesuit inside the residence.  Finally, they killed the housekeeper and her teenage daughter, who were hiding in a bedroom. (Vatican Radio)

Those who ordered the attack have never been brought to justice for the murders of  Fathers Ignacio Ellacuría, Ignacio Martín-Baró, Segundo Montes, Amando López, Joaquin López y López, and Juan Ramón Moreno, as well as Julia Elba Ramos and her daughter, Celina Maricet Ramos

“We remember the martyrs with gratitude,” said Father Michael Czerny, SJ, who was sent to work at the University of Central America from Canada after the massacre. READ MORE
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