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Glasgow: UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration
Start Date/Time: 16 March 2019 11:00
End Date/Time: 16 March 2019 14:00
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority

George Square - Glasgow 


The growth of the far right in the last year—from openly anti-Semitic parties in government in Poland and Hungary, fascists in the German parliament and the Austrian government, to Trump in the White House and Bolsonaro in Brazil—underlines the urgency of the task facing us all to build a broad based movement against racism and fascism in Britain.

The presence of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka "Tommy Robinson" in Scotland recently is alarming. The far right is feeding off an atmosphere of scapegoating of refugees and migrants. This has been exacerbated by a toxic debate around Brexit and immigration. Unity is our most important weapon.

In Scotland over the past year we saw a shocking series of racist attacks in Edinburgh and disgusting threats to evict "failed" asylum seekers from their homes in Glasgow. With reports recently revealing that one of the biggest hotspots for far right activity in Britain is just over the border in the north east of England we recommit to counter the far right threat and offer our full solidarity to anti-racists across Britain doing the same

We urge you to support the call from Stand Up To Racism—a coalition of civic organisations, refugee and migrant communities, as well as trade unions, political organisations and individuals—to join the day of international protests around UN Anti Racism Day on 16 March in Glasgow. The key criteria are opposition to the rising tide of racism, Islamophobia, Antisemitism and the scapegoating of refugees and migrants. If you support these principles please join us #noracismnofascism


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